Baba Gelaram Sahib's History

Baba Gelaram was born on 12th March 1930 in Bhannar, Sindh (now in Pakistan)

Baba Gelaram Sahib is a house-hold name among the numerous beneficiaries of extensive compassionate and loving gestures undertaken by initiatives sparked by Baba Gelaram’s guru Baba Hardasram Sahib Godriwala. Baba Gelaram was the most worthy discipline of Baba Hardasram; he further his work and established “Godriwala Dhaam” in many cities and extensively worked for the betterment of the old, poor and underprivileged. He instigated initiatives for feeding the needy, tending to the old and sick, facilitating marriages of girls from poor families, conducting group marriages and many other similar programs that would benefit the society at large.

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Baba Hardasram Sahib's History

Baba Hardasram was born at Halani in sindh (pakistan) on 4th december 1904.

Satguru Sant Baba Hardasram is known as “Godhriwala” all over the world

His simple living , high thinking & service provided by him in real sense is the most fascinating thing . Human welfare along with animal & environment service pioneered by him is ideal example for us . His influence has made our life happy & prosperous.

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Sant Kanwar ram Sahib's History

Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib was born at village Jarwar of sakhar (Shakur) district on 13th of April 1885.

He was born by the blessings of Saint Khotaram Sahib, who was the man with Godly powers and was the Father of Saint Satram Das Sahib Guru of Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib.
The day of first meeting of Bhagat Saheb with Sain Satramdas, who were on the visit of Jarwar Village and Bhagat Saheb were just 9 year old, brought the moments of pride for the parents as Sain Satramdas sahib ji took some boiled grams "Kohar" from the kid Kanwar asked him about the money exchange for it. The little, street hawker boy went for the biggest business deal of life as he humbly asked Sain "If you wish to give me something in exchange then please bless me by taking me as your disciple".

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